Here, traditions, art, hospitality and the way of life itself are the result of the hard work of its people. Tuscans have made their own way of life and have exported their culture with respect and attention. These traditional values are still followed today in our everyday work. The reputation of a company does not lay on its financial results alone, but also on the way it is run.

 At Quinti we put all our efforts and experience in order that every process is environmentally compatible. Every Quinti Chair is made with great care using only quality materials. The collections proposed are the result of elastic and functional choices to meet the main choices of the market. “Your personal chair” program is the answer to those who love the details and search for in choosing a chair an intense and unique experience. 

Exclusive product experience
Quinti’s crafts will realize your armchair following your specifications, providing suggestions and realizing a real customized product. Quality is an aim that we use as a principle with it inspiring our every day actions, from the selection of the raw materials to the work itself, from the management to the dispatch of the goods. Each phase is filled with dedication, professionalism and transparency in order to offer to our customers the experience and the tradition that we have acquired during so many years.