Based in Tully, in the Picardy region of France, VOLEVATCH is the designer and creator of prestigious luxury bathroom fixtures with a history dating back to 1975. Providing a unique vision to the art of bathrooms, VOLEVATCH showcases a deep passion and respect for French decorative arts. As a deserving heir to a true “savoir-faire” legacy, this “Made in France” stamped producer, named after its founder Serge Volevatch, continues his enthusiasm and brilliance.

The Artisans of Unique Cultural Heritage
Serge Volevatch has specialized in the art of restoring antique bathroom fixtures and built his own brand around a unique principle: the authenticity of style and modern functionality. While dedicated to preserving the heritage of French bathrooms, he occasionally unleashes his creativity to reinterpret grand classics with a fresh perspective. With his historical and technical knowledge, VOLEVATCH exhibits unparalleled creativity, emphasizing every detail to provide a unique and unprecedented experience. Combining exceptional craftsmanship with timeless elegance, VOLEVATCH offers a refined way of life and is recognized as a masterpiece in UNESCO’s Rare Arts and Crafts catalog, representing cultural and spiritual heritage.