The history of Medea is the story of a company from Brianza, area which is famous for the cabinet-making quality of its furniture. Medea unfolds in a path between different styles and artistic movements that characterized the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, reaching the modern Lifestyle collection. For those who love travelling, every object, every piece embodies history with respect for tradition, pride for manufacturing excellence and a precise idea of elegance going hand in hand with modernity, creativity and innovation. It is nice to think of Medea as a journey across history and time through the production of furnishings and artifacts that lead us to the present day. A journey through history where you can draw from the wonders of the world, art, architecture, nature, to be amazed and where you can meet other people and ultimately find yourself.

A Lifestyle
Tradition meets modernity by telling about contemporary living. Noble materials, precious woods, warm marbles and details in leather and metal. The rigour and essentiality of the compact forms make every single piece of furniture unique and versatile for any place. The continuous search for balance between innovation and tradition suggests the starting point for new projects.