Orsoni is the historical Venetian furnace that uses the same techniques since 1888 to produce 24K gold leaf mosaics, colored gold and Venetian smalti in more than 3,500 colors.The history of Orsoni is a unique legacy of an art that has handed down mysterious alchemies for four generations. Artisan excellence from the past launch Orsoni towards the future, all while still using the same ancient process of glass making. Orsoni is the last furnace permitted to operate with fire in the city of Venice.

Orsoni seeks to convey emotions through its uniqueness and attention to detail, all firmly rooted in its passion for excellence. All 19 different shades of Orsoni’s gold are the result of the time-honored combination of glass and 24 karat gold, the most precious metal. It’s the result of the authentic Venetian craftsmanship with a unique quality as each step of the process is handmade.

Heritage, art and passion
The unmistakable result of Legacy, Art and Passion through creativity: Riccardo Bisazza, Orsoni President and Lucio Orsoni, Honorary President. Since 2003, the Orsoni furnace is part of TREND Group, a design company specialized in artistic and industrial mosaic. The Orsoni’s history continues, as brilliant, as pure and as magical as the mosaics themselves.