Tantimber is a wooden products company with the production infrastructure according to European norms, sourcing its raw materials in the light of ‘​’sustainable natural environment’​’​ concept which has an annual production capacity of 300.000 m2 thermally modified decking and cladding materials. Aiming to add value to life by bringing nature together with the spaces, tantimber grants new life to the wood with its ecological process which provides durable and long lasting products. 

With high physical and aesthetic properties created with the finest selection of raw materials and a careful process the natural properties of breathing and living are kept in the Wood as their key feature along with its benefits. Tantimber is a well-known and preferred brand in many countries when it comes to wooden products. Advanced production lines with high-level manufacturing criterias in global standards; the product quality that functions in all qualities such as endurance, sustainability, innovative production concept and intensed design line constitutes the framework of the tantimber brand value. 

Aesthetic wooden surfaces
Tantimber product range includes Decking, Cladding, Laminated Beams, Engineered Flooring, Solid Flooring, Marquetry Flooring, Decorative Wall Coverings.