Thermomat: caring for others

Thermomat is an Italian company known, for over 30 years, as an acknowledged leader in the field of safety and comfort in the bathroom. The mission and vision of the company in the field of safety in the bathroom find their origin in the innovation brought by the patent of the first thermostatic cartridge in 1968: a mechanical device which is the taps’ invisible and functional part. In 1993 the company achieved a significant recognition: Thermomat’s thermostatic cartridge becomes a European standard, since then all the European faucets manufacturers had to comply with these measures.

Parallel to this important production that met the approval of the best manufacturers of faucets , Thermomat created a complete range of products, tools and accessories designed to solve many critical issues related to safety in the bathroom, a topic which is still too often underestimated.

The social responsibility that the company is taking on through its products is expressed not only by their extreme ease of use, but also by the simplicity and safety the daily actions acquire in the most private room of the house. The design of these products is essential and immediately understandable, goes along with human diversity and meets the real needs and recurring gestures, following people at every stage of their existence.
From bathtubs to shower stalls, from washbasins to toilets, from faucets to accessories, everything has been designed to ease their use and enhance aesthetics and color in an overall project that aims to expand aspiring to a continuous improvement .

Sanitaryware and furniture are made of innovative materials and technologies: not only ceramic and steel, but also high-tech polymer materials intended for particular contexts of use, such as wash basins, shower trays and non-slip surfaces, in order to always guarantee the utmost safety.
Thermomat therefore proposes a wide range of collections and models that furnish the bathroom wholly. Functional elements, as a result of careful ergonomics studies, that make the bathroom a safe place for all ages and in all conditions of use, also addressing to situations that require more specific needs.

Everything revolves around people’s needs, becomes for Thermomat a dynamic search, a proactive development of newer and newer products and solutions , concrete projects that allow the company to ensure the safety and daily well-being in the bathroom.

Thermomat group at present gathers in a single vision four complementary and distinct production areas, that solve different distributions in Italy and in Europe, and are getting always closer to the world of design due to their presence in showrooms dedicated to bathroom furniture.